Fun questions from Candace!

Hi there!! These questions are from Candace at Revenge of Eve. Thanks for the fun questions today!!

Do you feel confident in expressing how you feel about particular things? Example: sharing your opinion or protecting your boundaries

Yeah, I think so. But I tend to not do it a lot of the time. With opinions, I disagree with a lot of people on political stuff, and I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I usually opt to not go there. I don’t think it’s about confidence as much as a desire to be a peacemaker (which I can do best by keeping my mouth shut–trust me).

Do you have someone who holds all of your life’s secrets or do you keep everything to yourself?

I’m an open book. However, I do actually carry secrets for other people. I’ve got major secrets on at least four family members, and a handful of other people. And these secrets are about as scandalous as can be. And I even hate or dislike some of these people, but I’m a huge believer in not sharing others’ major secrets.

What is the one quality you look for in a friend?

Well, there are two qualities. The first is mutual appreciation, because I’ve learned the hard way that if someone doesn’t want to be your friend, then it’s not going to happen; and that just has to be accepted. So if I find myself always initiating contact, and that person never gets back to me, then I need to be mindful that the person is on a different wavelength.

The second quality is probably more what you were looking for in your question. I’d say it’s kindness/compassion/gratitude. I tend to like people who either:

  • Have had hard lives but have come to see that people matter more than anything; or
  • Have had easy lives and are filled with gratitude for all that they’ve been given, especially relationships.

I’d say probably everyone I’m friends with falls into those groups somehow. I guess it’s important to me to have friends who value friendship and relationships.

What is the one quality you possess that you are most fond of in others?

I guess it’d be the same answer as above!

List five words you would use to describe yourself. Only five words.

Oh, this is perfect. I did it over on my social media page. Hold on and let me copy/paste that… here it is! “Hi! In five descriptive words, I’m hostile, irreverent, insane, gorgeous, and compassionate.” HA HA! Yeah, that’s me.

Thank you so much for the fun questions!! 🙂 YAY!

So You Know 6-10-19

These questions are from Revenge of Eve’s So You Know weekly series!

  1. How often, if ever, do you feel ruled by your emotions?
  2. Does your mood decide your productivity level?
  3. Are you bipolar or do you have another behavioral diagnosis?
  4. How do you respond to having a not-so-good day? (Sleep, cry, nothing)
  5. If you could give your moods names, what would they be?






– any additional mood you can think of:


Thanks for the fun questions!! Let’s see here….

  1. I feel ruled by my emotions whenever I get all paranoid and have a meltdown. It seems to be triggered by brain chemistry issues and/or monthly hormones. It can present itself as a major feeling of anger rising up and taking over.
  2. Hmm…. my productivity level is less affected by mood and more affected by energy level. If I’m sleep-deprived (and I need a lot of sleep) or hormonal or overworked, I flatline and get nothing done. At that point, I just mess around online because I don’t have the energy to do anything else. Then I try to reset my energy level with a good night’s sleep. If I’m conked out and it’s the middle of the day, I’ll take some Seroquel as allowed to induce a nap and help me rest. That doesn’t happen often, maybe once every other month.
  3. Am I bipolar? Yes, and it affects my energy level much more than my mood. I can get into manic cleaning mode, in which I clean the house all day. Or I can be catatonic all day and stare at the wall. Quite honestly, neither extreme causes any problems for me, and I just run with it. The problem is that if I had to function in the workplace… it just can’t be regulated. (I have other workplace issues, too.) I’d never be depended upon to provide steady energy to a regular job. In my non-working life, I just go with the flow, but it would never fly at a job. All of those energetic inconsistencies are livable, but if I were to not take any Seroquel (I always take some at night to sleep soundly), I’d become manic in a way that could cause problems. So I think Seroquel really helps me in a lot of ways.
  4. How do I respond to a not-so-good day? That’s a good question. I try to get through it and assure myself that tomorrow will be much better. Often, if my day has been awful, then I’m feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, so I quit expecting any productivity for the rest of the day. I mess around online, lie down to rest, watch some sitcoms, and play Tetris.
  5. Hmm… if I could name my moods… that’s a tough one, but I LOVE the Disney movie Inside Out. However, it bears mentioning that I’ve never seen it. I just love the concept of it–naming the moods inside a girl’s head. I have an Inside Out blanket that I love. I think their names are: Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness.

Like, how cute is that? Hold on, let me find the adorable nighty I have…. Here it is!!

Thanks for the fun questions!!!


So You Know–Memorial Day Edition

Today I’ll be answering questions provided by Candace at Revenge of Eve from her So You Know series of fun questions!

This Week’s Questions

  1. What is your favorite part of summer?
  2. Do you swim in bodies of water that are questionable? Like where you cannot see the bottom – lakes, ponds, the ocean… if so, what’s is your fear in doing so?
  3. What is the average temperature (Fahrenheit) of summer in your area?
  4. Do you have access to a pool? If so, is it your own private pool or a complex pool?
  5. What ocean is closest to you?

Fun, fun! My favorite part of summer is the sunshine. I have extreme seasonal obsessiveness (irrationality) triggered or exacerbated by the short days of winter. Come summer, all is well, and my life is great! It’s a wonderful feeling of relief!

Yes, I LOVE to swim in lakes and the ocean. In fact, I prefer an ocean with a sudden drop-off just a few feet past the shore. I get bored by oceans that walk out forever without dipping.

Hmm…. I’m going to say highs in the low nineties?

No, and I wish I did. This is very frustrating–there’s a quarry you can swim in nearby–that’s right, a freakin’ rock quarry. It’s so much more awesome than the average built-in pool. Here’s the problem: it’s an exclusive club. You have to live within a certain radius of the pool, and my dad’s address is just outside the limits. In theory, we could beg a neighbor to sponsor us, but geez. It’s frustrating!

And there are no other really cool pools nearby, just the standard, crowded, indoor, rectangular kind. However, this summer, we’re going to get a cheap kiddie pool for our Newfoundland to stomp around in in the backyard. We might also take her wading in a nearby creek.

The closest ocean? My goodness, I think I’m equidistant from the Atlantic Ocean to my east or the Gulf of Mexico to my south (which I know is part of the Atlantic Ocean, but the point is that it would take the same amount of time to drive in either direction). I live in Louisville, KY, by the way! YAY for fun questions about summertime!

So You Know by Revenge of Eve this week!

This Week’s Questions

  • How long have you blogged? What is the anniversary?
  • What was your original purpose for beginning a blog?
  • Did you research about blogging before establishing your own?
  • Has your purpose evolved or changed directions? If so, what was the determining factor for the change?
  • What determines your measure of success as far as blogging is concerned?

These questions are from Revenge of Eve as part of her So You Know series!! Thank you, Candace, for the fun questions!

I honestly don’t recall when I started this blog! 😮 I had a similar blog for years prior which I deleted. Same concept (advice-column commentary) but a lot more anger and hostility.

With this blog, my original purpose was to have an outlet to think through advice columns and share my own opinion. Because honestly, I never even realize my own opinion until I sit here and type it, more often than not. It gives me a way to use my brain in a deductive manner.

No, I didn’t do any research into blogging, but I did spend a lot of time getting the formatting of my page right. Now, it’s as easy as clicking “write a new blog post”, but initially getting it to look pretty was difficult, and I’m not sure I could duplicate it exactly now if I had to.

Yeah, the purpose has evolved to include a handful of close blogger friends of mine (shoutout!) and the eagerness to always make and include new friends. Anytime someone comments on a blog post, I appreciate their agreeing with me, or I appreciate their showing me another side of an issue. Pretty much a win-win. I also like the social connection and the sense of community–but not just from my own blog, also from when I comment on others’ blogs as well. And I didn’t know going into this blog if I’d find any friends, so I’m really glad I have!

I don’t have any blogging goals except inasmuch as I need an outlet at times for both my past experiences and my thoughts on advice. I don’t care about the numbers, but I’m always thrilled when someone stops by!!

So You Know by Revenge of Eve

For fun while I wait for my nappytime pills to kick in (they’re allowed during times of exhaustion), I thought I’d answer Candace’s fun questions!!


  • Do you see a therapist? If so, how does doing so influence your life?
  • What is your favorite part of adulthood? Your least favorite (besides bills)?
  • Are the government officials of your country trustworthy?
  • How important, scale of 1-10, are leprechauns in the evolution of humans? 1-of least importance 10-required

I don’t see a therapist, and I have a basic mistrust of them due to numerous bad experiences! 😮 I’m happy for anyone who has a good working relationship with a therapist, but I’m a bit cynical of it for myself. I do, however, see my psychiatrist for regular medication adjustments (although we usually don’t make any changes).

My favorite part of adulthood? Oh, everything. I’m so glad to have worked through all the crap that was piled onto me as a younger person, so now I can express myself creatively and feel fulfilled!! My least favorite part? Hmm…. I’m not sure! Probably my frustration with myself for being unable to quit eating cake.

HA HA! I doubt any government officials are trustworthy. The best ones try to do what’s right for the community, but there’s so much money and greed involved that it’s hard to trust any of them all that much. At least here in the US, they’re not all that corrupt!

Leprechauns? Oh, definitely a ten! Where would we be without little green men? My favorite thing ever, out of all the things, is a rainbow; and I realized last March that St. Patrick’s Day is actually a rainbow holiday! And I was like, wow, I’ll drink to that!!



So You Know from Candace Lynn.

I’m answering these fun questions from Candace Lynn at So You Know! Thanks for the fun questions!!

How was your weekend? Honestly. It was wild! My horse lost the Derby after choosing to smell the flowers instead of racing his hardest. I got a lot done productivity wise, and I got some great ideas for the future (involving my writing and pet ownership). I bleached my hair last night and feel pretty now!

Describe the clothes you are wearing now. Is this your normal Monday attire? I’m wearing my pyjamas!! So I took a photo…

Picture 46

I swear I’m not really an angel! I just play one on TV. I have bright fluorescent strip lights overhead that run the length of the gables up here! Oh! And yes, this is totally my normal Monday attire. I’ll walk the doggie in my pyjamas (although we don’t have a doggie at the moment), grab a jacket for some minor coverage and run an errand, etc. Usually I put on actual clothes, but there are no guarantees here in Meg World.

Do you work a 9-5 job? No, I don’t! And God bless! I stay productive each day by keeping the house clean, running errands, working on my writing, taking walks, and messing around online.

Who do you look like, your Ma or your dad? Oh, interesting!! Umm…. I’d definitely say I resemble not only my father, but my paternal aunt (his sister). It’s nice to take after the sane members of my family!

Oh, that reminds me. This is silly. I came up with a board game called Angels versus Narcissists. You might have to draw a card that says, “You were blessed by your angel. Go forward five steps,” or, “You were screwed over by a narcissist! Go back three steps.” HA HA HA! Oh, also, there’s a legal version, which you can only play if you’re an attorney: Angels v. Narcissists. “Your honor, the defendant spat on my client’s wings.”


HA HA HA HA!! Oh my.