So You Know–Memorial Day Edition

Today I’ll be answering questions provided by Candace at Revenge of Eve from her So You Know series of fun questions!

This Week’s Questions

  1. What is your favorite part of summer?
  2. Do you swim in bodies of water that are questionable? Like where you cannot see the bottom – lakes, ponds, the ocean… if so, what’s is your fear in doing so?
  3. What is the average temperature (Fahrenheit) of summer in your area?
  4. Do you have access to a pool? If so, is it your own private pool or a complex pool?
  5. What ocean is closest to you?

Fun, fun! My favorite part of summer is the sunshine. I have extreme seasonal obsessiveness (irrationality) triggered or exacerbated by the short days of winter. Come summer, all is well, and my life is great! It’s a wonderful feeling of relief!

Yes, I LOVE to swim in lakes and the ocean. In fact, I prefer an ocean with a sudden drop-off just a few feet past the shore. I get bored by oceans that walk out forever without dipping.

Hmm…. I’m going to say highs in the low nineties?

No, and I wish I did. This is very frustrating–there’s a quarry you can swim in nearby–that’s right, a freakin’ rock quarry. It’s so much more awesome than the average built-in pool. Here’s the problem: it’s an exclusive club. You have to live within a certain radius of the pool, and my dad’s address is just outside the limits. In theory, we could beg a neighbor to sponsor us, but geez. It’s frustrating!

And there are no other really cool pools nearby, just the standard, crowded, indoor, rectangular kind. However, this summer, we’re going to get a cheap kiddie pool for our Newfoundland to stomp around in in the backyard. We might also take her wading in a nearby creek.

The closest ocean? My goodness, I think I’m equidistant from the Atlantic Ocean to my east or the Gulf of Mexico to my south (which I know is part of the Atlantic Ocean, but the point is that it would take the same amount of time to drive in either direction). I live in Louisville, KY, by the way! YAY for fun questions about summertime!