So You Know 6-10-19

These questions are from Revenge of Eve’s So You Know weekly series!

  1. How often, if ever, do you feel ruled by your emotions?
  2. Does your mood decide your productivity level?
  3. Are you bipolar or do you have another behavioral diagnosis?
  4. How do you respond to having a not-so-good day? (Sleep, cry, nothing)
  5. If you could give your moods names, what would they be?






– any additional mood you can think of:


Thanks for the fun questions!! Let’s see here….

  1. I feel ruled by my emotions whenever I get all paranoid and have a meltdown. It seems to be triggered by brain chemistry issues and/or monthly hormones. It can present itself as a major feeling of anger rising up and taking over.
  2. Hmm…. my productivity level is less affected by mood and more affected by energy level. If I’m sleep-deprived (and I need a lot of sleep) or hormonal or overworked, I flatline and get nothing done. At that point, I just mess around online because I don’t have the energy to do anything else. Then I try to reset my energy level with a good night’s sleep. If I’m conked out and it’s the middle of the day, I’ll take some Seroquel as allowed to induce a nap and help me rest. That doesn’t happen often, maybe once every other month.
  3. Am I bipolar? Yes, and it affects my energy level much more than my mood. I can get into manic cleaning mode, in which I clean the house all day. Or I can be catatonic all day and stare at the wall. Quite honestly, neither extreme causes any problems for me, and I just run with it. The problem is that if I had to function in the workplace… it just can’t be regulated. (I have other workplace issues, too.) I’d never be depended upon to provide steady energy to a regular job. In my non-working life, I just go with the flow, but it would never fly at a job. All of those energetic inconsistencies are livable, but if I were to not take any Seroquel (I always take some at night to sleep soundly), I’d become manic in a way that could cause problems. So I think Seroquel really helps me in a lot of ways.
  4. How do I respond to a not-so-good day? That’s a good question. I try to get through it and assure myself that tomorrow will be much better. Often, if my day has been awful, then I’m feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, so I quit expecting any productivity for the rest of the day. I mess around online, lie down to rest, watch some sitcoms, and play Tetris.
  5. Hmm… if I could name my moods… that’s a tough one, but I LOVE the Disney movie Inside Out. However, it bears mentioning that I’ve never seen it. I just love the concept of it–naming the moods inside a girl’s head. I have an Inside Out blanket that I love. I think their names are: Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness.

Like, how cute is that? Hold on, let me find the adorable nighty I have…. Here it is!!

Thanks for the fun questions!!!


2 thoughts on “So You Know 6-10-19”

  1. That is interesting about your bipolar affecting your energy more than your moods. It is understandable though. I think I’ve heard the movie playing in the background but I’ve never watched it myself. As for Seroquel, count me out!! I cannot function the next day after a night of it.

    Thanks for participating and always for your continued support.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That bites about Seroquel! I never realized how lucky I am that it doesn’t leave me conked out the next day!

      You’re welcome, and thank you likewise, and keep the fun questions coming!! 🙂


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